A chat with USA Olympian & soon to be Samurai, Durutalo

Ahead of the Super Sevens Series first leg, we have a brief chat with Andrew who makes his debut appearance for Samurai on Sunday.

KD: Andrew, you have a very interesting background. Born in NY, school in Fiji, university in Japan. Your rugby career mirrors that, Fiji U20s, USA Sevens & 15s, the Sunwolves in Japan. This must have given you a fairly unique, global, perspective of rugby and people. Any insights from that you would like to pass on?

AD: Yes, very blessed & lucky to experience rugby in different countries and cultures. I guess all these places reflect the style I play because I’ve been influenced by these places.

KD: You played for USA in both the 2015 RWC and the 2016 Olympics. Both are pinnacles in the sport, both occur only every four years. Unfair question, but if we forced you to choose only one to play in, which way would you go and why?

AD: That’s kinda of a tricky one but if I had to answer it from an American Rugby player perspective and having been in both the 7s & 15s. I think the Olympics would be my go because I think USA 7s have a better chance of medalling at the Olympics than winning a 15s RWC. 7s development in America has really taken off and it’s gotten a lot of interest as far as growing the game in the states is concerned.

KD: How have you found playing in the UK? You had a meteoric rise from Ealing Trailfinders to Worcester Warriors, how did that come about?

AD: After playing Super Rugby I wanted to play and try Rugby in the UK so pretty much told myself I’d take a chance on anything that comes my way and was lucky enough that Ealing took a chance and the rest is history.

KD: You are returning to Ealing Trailfinders for the 2017/18 season, people are talking about them as a potential Premiership club, and they seem to be making smart investments in people and facilities. Do you think they can do it?

AD: Ealing is a very ambitious club and have shown what they could do this season, and yes it looks like they are investing a lot in a lot of quality young players in a bid to push the club the greater heights. On paper we may look good but it’s matter of transferring that onto grass. Yeah there’s a lot of expectations from the club in the new season but yeah just taking it a step at a time.

KD: You’re playing for Samurai Rugby in the first leg of the Super Sevens Series on Sunday, and we’re super-stoked to have you. You are one of seven different nationalities in the squad. Is that the most you’ve played alongside in the same team?

AD: Yes, probably will be the most I’ve played alongside. Excited to play for Samurai. Heard a lot about the team and a couple of my teammates and friends have played for them so looking forward to it.

KD: Any final thoughts about Sunday ahead of kick-off?

AD: Just really looking forward and hopefully they don’t make me play the whole 14mins in the first game 😂. Looking forward to getting stuck in with the lads